Sue DeVos
Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant
for Women, Men, Corporate, Special Event & Bridal


"Sue DeVos is fabulous! I highly recommend her personal stylist services Best Impressions in Style. Sue is a pleasure to work with and has outfitted me, my husband and daughters for both professional and family events. Sue is a tireless, patient shopper who strives to find the perfect pieces while keeping mindful of the shopping budget. Sue ensures that the clothes her customers buy will mix and match, are the perfect color and fit for them, and are in fashion! Sue provides excellent advice with both everyday fashion and special events. I never want to shop again without Sue's help!" Julie In Style Corporate Executive Business Fashion Reflects Personality
“Working with Sue has been absolutely wonderful! Sue has outfitted me for both professional and personal engagements. What I have found so great is that she easily mixes and matches pieces to eliminate any unnecessary spending, while at the same time allowing for a very versatile wardrobe which would appear to anyone else to be quite differentiated. I really am not a person who enjoys shopping, but Sue is great at making it as painless as possible and truly listens to me and takes my opinions into account when selecting pieces for my wardrobe.” Ashleigh

“Sue is a creative and insightful image consultant who surpassed the task of helping me with a total style re-creation. Moving from business casual to job interviewing, with an older wardrobe, Sue was able to learn my lifestyle and my needs very quickly. She set me up for success and showed me the variations and style changes that could work with my figure, age, and career goals. My highest recommendations go with Sue and I know I will work with her again!” Kathy

“I am a working mom with a 2 year old son. Taking time to find clothes is nearly impossible and the last thing on my list. . When I do “shop” it means purchasing something I just settled for, then never wearing it, and being dissatisfied and frustrated with the whole experience. My time with Sue was a shopping miracle that was far greater than what I had expected. By the time I left I had an amazing wardrobe that I could mix and match and all of the clothes fit perfectly. All I had to do was just stand there as Sue handed me clothes, many that I would never think to choose for myself that made me look slimmer and that I just loved. I was amazed how Sue could choose clothes that flattered my body type. Sue is an efficient professional and helped me to develop a style of my own. And maybe most of all, she makes it fun.” Barbara

“After my experience with a dramatic life-change, I was ready to update my wardrobe to really look my best. Looking at my closet, I discovered that my wardrobe consisted of mainly black clothing. I was lucky enough to discover Sue DeVos, with Best Impressions, whose extensive fashion knowledge and attention to detail was most helpful to me in my transformation. Sue taught me color and style that complemented my body type, skin tones and hair color. She helped me purchase items that, along with my existing wardrobe, really gave me a complete look that fit my personality, my style and my budget.” Brooke

"A few months ago I starting thinking about my style and wardrobe and realized I needed help.  I found Sue with Best Impressions In Style and couldn't be happier.  Sue and I met to go shopping so she could show me what I should be wearing based on my body type, hair color, eye color, and skin type.  I had a lot of fun!  I went into the experience wanting Sue to push me outside of my comfort zone getting me away from pants and collared button up shirts.  I walked away with several skirts, blouses, and dresses.  I've received so many great compliments at work and at home from my husband! It was a great learning experience and I encourage you to work with Sue and let her help you make over your style!" Jeanie

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